I have been painting miniatures for 14 years as a professionnal.
(administrative SIRET number 41216636500012)
I use oil paints (Pébéo, Lefranc&Bourgeois, W&N...) and Enamel for metalic and golden parts.

The final step consists in spraying matt varnish 2 to 3 times in order to fully protect the miniature and give more uniformity to the colours.

15mm/20mm and 25mm/28mm historic miniatures represent the main part of my activity, however, I also paint Fantasy and SciFi miniatures.



Prices may vary depending on the difficulty of the figure in question.
Scotts of the Napoleonic period will be more expensive than peasants...
Inversement, de la horde vêtue de pagnes demandera moins d’investissement.
A Hussar will be charged at a higher price than a Numidian horseman.
Prices are for a foot soldier, multiply the price by 2 for a horseman.
Collector prices may vary according to quality of casting of the miniatures.
Quantities could also make vary prices.
I can also make bases at the required dimensions, order miniatures directly from manufacturers in order to save time and sometime money.

  Standard Collector
6mm 0.80€ _
15mm 1.80/2.00€ 2.80€+
20mm 2.00€ 3.00€+
25/28mm 4.50/6.50€ 7.00€+
Demonworld 1.90€ 3.00€+
Citadel 4.85€ 6.00€+
Rackham 5.50€ 7.00€+

If you need any information or a sample of my job, (e-)mail me at :

Laurent Groscolas
6, impasse Jean Jaurès 31600 SEYSSES (France)
05 31 54 23 83

I will answer you as soon as possible.